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JW Franz

IoT (Internet of Things)


With an extensive background in the Auto ID Data Capture (AIDC) industry and over 15+ years of experience, JW Franz came to Barcoding to strategically lead and build the IoT and RFID practice.

As Barcoding, Inc.’s IoT Director, JW will build a strong partner ecosystem, develop best-in-case solutions, and will leverage Barcoding’s consistent and scalable Delivery Framework to implement client solutions.

Previously, JW has been an integral part of industry-leading RFID manufacturers including Zebra Technologies, Impinj, and Smartrac Solutions.

In his career, JW has served as a Pre-Sales Consultant, RFID Solutions Architect, RFID Systems Engineer, as well as RFID Market & Channel Business Development.

While JW’s expertise is largely around RFID (hardware and software), it also extends to the Internet of Things (IoT).

This includes Active RFID & Real Time Location Systems (RTLS), Bluetooth Low energy (BLE), and other Sensor based Technologies.

He has deep knowledge of manufacturing, warehousing, and supply chain (food chain) logistics.

Specifically, he understands product transparency and traceability and how to extend these processes to consumer experiences.


Contact Information

(888) 860-7226
3840 Bank Street Baltimore, MD 21224