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Mike Graen

On Shelf Availability


Mike has over 40 years of experience in the Retail / Supplier business area. He was an original member of the P&G Walmart team formed in 1989 and worked with Walmart on developing what would become Retail Link.

Mike has made a career out of using technology to solve business problems and focuses today on retail supply chain technology that measures On Shelf Availability in stores.

He specializes in technologies and processes that measure and fix OSA such as Algorithms, Shelf Scanning Robots, Store Audits, and RFID.

Mike typically takes calls with people interested in help with:

  • On Shelf Availability - How to measure and deploy resources to fix
  • Algorithm solutions to identify OSA issues with high-velocity categories
  • Shelf scanning robot solutions for retailers to identify Out of stock, pricing, and incorrect item issues
  • RFID - 20+ years of experience with RFID in the Retail supply chain
  • In store audits - Data capture of OSA issues



Contact Information

Bentonville, AR 72712