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My Conversation with Elena Ver Planck, Nedap Retail

Check out my conversation with Elena Ver Planck, Director of North American Operations for Nedap Retail where we talk about the implementation of RFID solutions for retailers.


We also discuss the key learnings, benefits and watch outs of RFID implementations at retail. Hear from Elena on how best in class implementations can be achieved to deliver on hand accuracy and sales results.


About Nedap Retail
We are passionate about technology and how it can help people become happier and more successful in their professional lives. Life teaches us a lot about people and that’s what inspires us to create high impact, hard and software solutions that have true value. That’s what we call: Technology for Life. It is our purpose and drives us in everything we do. To apply technology in a way that it has a tangible positive impact on people’s professional lives, requires a people-centred approach that respects people and our planet.


On Shelf Availability Group & Series
This conversation is part of the On Shelf Availability group and series that I host each month in partnership with Conversations On Retail and with the Department of Supply Chain Management at the University of ArkansasJoin now for FREE!


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