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My Conversation with Umesh Cooduvalli & Jamie Kress, JCI – Sensormatic

Check out my conversation with Umesh Cooduvalli and Jamie Kress from JCI - Sensormatic


About JCI
Sensormatic Solutions empowers retailers by enabling smart and connected shopper engagement.

Retail today is about achieving success through informed moments of truth. Those moments between customers, stores, associates, and inventory are opportunities for retailers to positively impact the shopping experience and execute secure, seamless unified commerce.

Our connected, scalable solutions and strategic insights help retailers confidently move into the future, bringing together online, mobile, and in-store shopping for personalized, enhanced shopping experiences.

Sensormatic Solutions helps retailers anticipate change before it happens, so merchandise is available, associates are informed and empowered, and shoppers can safely engage with flexibility and ease.


On Shelf Availability Group & Series
This conversation is part of the On Shelf Availability group and series that I host each month in partnership with Conversations On Retail and with the Department of Supply Chain Management at the University of ArkansasJoin now for FREE!


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