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My Conversation with Steve Statler – CMO & ESG Lead, Wiliot

Check out my conversation with Steve Statler, CMO & ESG Lead, Wiliot, where we talk about Ambient IoT and its impact on on-shelf availability and supply chain visibility.


About Wiliot
Wiliot is a SaaS company whose platform connects the digital and physical worlds using its IoT Pixel tagging technology, computers the size of a postage stamp that power themselves in revolutionary ways. Our mission is to make every single thing an agent of change, enabling ambient IoT by adding intelligence and automation to reusable packaging, pharmaceuticals, food, and other products. Connecting trillions of things to the internet is transforming manufacturing, distribution, and product use to deliver on our vision: a minimum waste, full trust, perfectly timed world where people, profits, and the planet remain aligned.


On Shelf Availability Group & Series
This conversation is part of the On Shelf Availability group and series that I host each month in partnership with Conversations On Retail and with the Department of Supply Chain Management at the University of ArkansasJoin now for FREE!


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